Medical Tourism

Asia Premium Holidays offers a full range of services to organize your trip. From meet & greet at the airport ,up to arrange appointments from a doctor in the best medical centers.


Our company helps to organize examination and subsequent treatment in the following areas:

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Malaysia is a beautiful country in South-East Asia, half of which is on the peninsula of Malacca, and the second – in the north of the island of Kalimantan.Tourism – one of the main sources of income of the Malayan treasury.Every year, Malaysia attracts millions of foreigners, among them tens of thousands of medical tourists. In fact, any trip to this exotic country is memorized for a long time by European or American tourists. Modern Malaysia is a mixture of natural beauty, new technologies and unsurpassed luxury.
The rapid growth of Malay medical tourism is due to the development of infrastructure and the creation of high-tech hospitals, which in their level are not inferior to Western competitors. High technology plus low prices is the formula for the success of local medicine. In Malaysia, at a decent level, the training of medical personnel is established, without which quality treatment and care is inconceivable.

Let’s try to list those positive aspects that attract thousands of patients from the developed countries to the small Asian state, where they have their own excellent health care:

Malaysia is a favorite destination for tourists from the United States and Great Britain. The growing cost of health care in these countries makes many patients look for an inexpensive alternative, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures or complex elective (optional, that is, not covered by insurance)

It’s hard to believe, but healthcare in Malaysia is so well developed that the country already takes a place in the top 5 destinations for medical tourism in the world. There is a powerful network of modern hospitals and clinics that many Western competitors can envy. One need only recall the Prince Court Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, which in 2013 was recognized as the No. 1 MTQUA among hospitals for medical tourists.
Malay hospitals offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to medical tourists, but dentistry, cardiosurgery, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery are traditionally in high demand. Foreigners receive quality treatment, comfortable accommodation, whole packages of additional services – all for an incredibly low (by Western standards) price.
Malaysia is also a very popular destination for patients who treat infertility. In addition to modern scientific methods of therapy, local medicine allows you to try unusual approaches: unani, ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine. Alternative methods are especially interesting to those patients who can not offer scientific medicine much.

You will ask: could Malaysia serve thousands of American patients if the qualifications of local doctors caused the slightest doubt? Of course no. Most of the Malay doctors who work with foreigners receive certificates abroad, including in prestigious universities in the United States. Such training not only makes them the best of the best, but also introduces different cultures, teaches to communicate with foreigners and, of course, gives excellent knowledge of foreign languages.

English, a recognized language of international communication, in multicultural Malaysia is very common. If you own at least basic spoken English, you will already be much easier to communicate with staff. Naturally, if you own only Russian, then in most foreign clinics without an interpreter you will not pass beyond the registry. But in any major medical center in Malaysia for an additional fee available translation services or you can contact us.

In hospitals in Malaysia, as a rule, there is no need to record for a long time on this or that procedure. There are enough places and specialists here, and the registration system works like a Swiss watch, so you can ask to be put at any convenient time. Hospitalization, tests and procedures – here all perform very quickly, in the most convenient for you schedule. This allows many patients during the vacation not only to receive medical treatment, but also to relax on local beaches.

Medical centers in Malaysia, which accept foreign patients, can offer their own programs for recreation and rehabilitation. In this case, patients will be in close proximity to their hospital, and doctors can monitor their condition.

Malaysia offers visitors hundreds of exotic places, which can not be missed. Countless historical temples and palaces, clean beaches, tropical jungles, mountains … Themselves the medical centers in Malaysia, as a rule, are located in quiet and safe areas. The crime rate in this country is extremely low, and people are very friendly and hospitable. High social and economic stability and literacy of the population favorably distinguish Malaysia from a number of other countries in South Asia.

The capital of the country Kuala Lumpur is connected practically with all corners of the planet by regular flights. Malaysia has agreements with many countries that facilitate the stay of foreigners in this resort country. For example, travelers from most Western countries can easily receive a 3-month visa upon arrival in Malaysia without formalities in advance. With a letter from the medical center, confirming your intention to be treated in the country, you can get a special visa for 6 months.