Departure time : 09:00hrs
Duration            : 04 Hours

This tour takes you to the outskirts of George Town, witness the actual process of Batik, using wax & dyes. then proceed to the Fishing Village. From here we will then pass Fruit Plantation, a brief stop at a fruit stall to show you some of the spices as well as some of the local fuits available in season and traditional Malaysia village. We then proceed on to the famous Snake Temple built in 1850, it is probably the one and only of its kind in the world. Final stop, the well known OE (Oeding & Erdel) factory. You will be taken on a tour to see how jewellery is made.

Highlights : Fruit Plantation, Fruit Stall, Snake Temple, OE (Oeding & Erdel) Factory, Batik Factory


Departure time : 14:00hrs
Duration             : 04 Hours

George Town, the capital of Penang was named after King George III of England, is an interesting lend of the old and new. It is worth to note that Penang has one of largest Colonial Buildings in Southeast Asia. Tours includes a stop at Fort Cornwallis, built in 1808. Fort Cornwallis also marks the spot where Sir Francis Light first landed on this island. You will be driven through Street Harmony, which houses the Anglican Church, Kuan Yin Chinese Temple, Mahamariaman Indian Temple and the Kapitan Keling Mosque. Followed by a visit to the State Museum, built in 1821, which houses a fine collection of old photographs, maps, charts and pass by the colourful Little India and bustling Chinatown. Next stop, The World’s Fourth Largest Reclining Buddha statue at Wat Chayamangkalaram.

Highlights : Colonial Buildings, Fort Cornwallis, State Museum, Little India, Chinatown, Street of Harmony, Reclining Buddha, Clan Jetties


Departure time : 14:00hrs
Duration             : 04 Hours

Kek Lok Si Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in South-East Asia. It is also known as the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddha’s. The 7 – Tier Pagoda of 10,000 Buddh which dominates the temple, is influenced by architecture styles of the Thais, Burmese and Chinese. A beautiful Bronze Statue of the Goddess of Mercy overlooks the temple. Next, take the funicular train ride up Penang Hill and elevation of 833m above sea level, a cool hill retreat from the tropical heat below for a Panoramic View of George Town and experince the flora and fauna.

Highlights : Kek Lok Si Temple, 7-Tier Pagoda of 10,000 Buddha, Bronze Statue of the Goddess, Funicular Train, Panoramic View of George Town


Departure time : 19:00hrs
Duration            : 04 Hours
Meal                    : Dinner

Watch the city of George Town comes alive at night with blazes of lights and strees peddlers. As penang is famous for its local cuisine, your evening will begin with local cuisine dinner. After dinner, you will be taken ona short Trishaw ride. An authentic mode of transport used till today to ferry people from one destination to another. We then will proceed on a scenic drive across Penang Bridge, a total of 13.5km from the island to the mainland and back to Penang Island by ferry, the oldest ferry service in Malaysia since 1920.

Highlights : Local hawker delights, Trishaw ride, Penang Bridge, Ferry


Departure time : 09:00hrs
Duration             : 04 Hours

Explore the street of George Ton and its rich heritage. Admire the intricate carving, woodwork and porcelain decor of Khoo Kongsi, established in 1835. After that, visit Yap Kongsi and Ciji Temple, a clan association built in 1924,a Taoist Temple dedicated to Nan’an patron deity. Also you will be taken to Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple, which is the Tua Pek Kong temple and Hokkien secret society headquarters in the mid-19th century. When you are done with that, you will get to see another Hokkien Clan temple, which is Cheah Kongsi that was founded in 1820 and built in 1858. Last but not least, continue to visit the world renowned Pinang Peranakan Mansion. Baba & Nyonyas was a prominent community of acculturated Chinese unique to this part of the world, which houses over 1,000 pieces of antiques and collectible items of the era on display.
Highlight : Khoo Kongsi, Yap Kongsi and Ciji Temple, Hock Teik Cheng Sin Temple, Cheah Kongsi, Pinang Peranakan Mansion


Departure time : 09:00hrs
Duration             : 04Hours
Meals                   : Lunch

This mighty Military Fortress built in 1930’s by the British to protect the island from enemies. Visit the Underground Military Tunnels, Intelligence and Logistic Centre, halls, offices, ventilation shafts, Canon Firing Bay, sleeping quarters, cook houses and as well as Medical Infirmary. Relieve an exciting adventure of the battle history, events and significant moments in Malaya during World War II and come face to face with the largest military operations complex in Malaysia, the base of the regiment or departmental corps where servicemen were trained. The War Museum is about Education, Relic Admiration and Experiencing Events of War. After that you will get to see Penang War Memorial which was dedicated to the brave soldiers who sacrificed themselves during the first world war. Next, you will be taken to an authentic banana leaf lunch at George Town. The banana leaf is used as it is believed that the hot rice will release the coating on the banana leaf, which aids in digestion. Remember, fold the banana leaf towards you to show your appreciation after the satisfying meal!
Highlights : Underground Military Tunnels, Intelligence and Logistic Center, Canon Firing bay, Medical Infirmary, Education, Relic Admiration and experiencing events of was, Penang War Memorial, Banana leaf lunch.


Departure time : 09:00hrs
Duration             : 04 Hours

Botanic Garden is an oasis of peace and tranquility with lush green surroundings and vibrant the colours of Penang Tropical Flora. The 30-hectares and is home to 3000 Living Specimens from over 50 species of colourful butterflies, frogs, scorpions and other insects. It features a lily pond, rock garden, tunnel, bubbling mud pool and artificial waterfalls. You will also be taken to penang’s latest tourist attraction spot, a Propolis Bee Farm which offers insight into bee breeding among visitors. Get to know the differences between natural and synthesized honey, the various types of bees and honey produced. Last but not least, shopping Royal Selangor, the oldest pewter maker since 1885.
Highlights : Botanic Garden, Penang Butterfly Farm, Bee Farm, Royal Selangor

Term and Conditions

Seat In Coach Basis :
All Tour excludes entrance fee and meal.
All SIC (seat in coach) tours sold are based on minimum 2 persons.

Private Basis :
All Tour excludes entrance fees and meal.
All entrance fees and transfers are excluded, unless stated otherwise.
Additional surcharge will be imposed by certain hotels/restaurants on meals during the Muslim Ramadhan period. Charges are to be advised.